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Byte Size Bites: Issue #2 - Putting the "ish" into weeklyish!

December 1 · Issue #2 · View online
Byte Size Bites
Having missed last Tuesday’s send, I clearly meant it when I said “weekly(ish)”! Onwards and upwards! In this second edition of Byte Size Bites I highlight a new book from a founder-brewer, add the Mountie to my want list, recommend some more reads and revisit a classic track from Roy Ayres. Thanks for reading and see you next week(ish)!

The Mountie
I work remotely which means as well as spending time in the “home office” I can often be found hogging wi-fi in my local coffee shop or hotel rooms whilst travelling for work. I’ve become pretty adept at working on the move but the one thing I do miss is screen real estate. The Mountie might just solve the problem. 
For £15, the Mountie allows you to attach your iPad or iPhone to your laptop giving a nice two “monitor” setup. Used in conjunction with Duet Display you’ll experience that little extra space for apps that you need daily.
Business the Punk Way
I am sure many of you are familiar with BrewDog — the independent Scottish brewery started in 2007 with the aim of rescuing the British beer market from fizzy yellow lagers. As well as producing beer their co-founder James Watt has just released a new 256 book called “Business for Punks” in which he outlines how BrewDog’s approach to commerce.
From marketing with no budget to why interviews are a terrible way to recruit it’s an interesting take on doing business. If you would like a taste of what the book offers you can listen to James on episode 214 of Monocle 24’s The Entrepreneurs. Copies of the book are available on Amazon for £10.49.
Recommended Reading
$$$, JS, £££, videos, prefabs and online learning all feature in this weeks reading list
Speaker Remuneration at the Seanwes Conference
Five Things
Chasing Payments
Canvas 2015
Muji Prefab Houses
Online Course Platform
Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles
The Memory by Roy Ayres
I forget who introduced me to Roy Ayres but whoever it was I owe a debt of gratitude. Known as “The Godfather of Neo-Soul” vibraphonist and vocalist Roy Ayers is among the best-known and most respected jazz and R&B artists on the scene today (so says his website but who am I to disagree). There are too many great tracks to pick from but the bass line on “The Memory” sticks with you long after listening — in a good way.
And Finally …
That’s it for this issue. I even managed to get to the end without a mention of Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Did you grab a bargain? What did I miss?
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