Byte Size Bites: Issue #4 - Digital Nomads, Creativity, Suede, Email Apps, and Instagram Husbands!

It's early Sunday morning and thanks to a rather annoying recent trait of waking up at 5.30am I've fo
December 15 - Issue #4

Byte Size Bites

A cultural dispatch for digital workers in email form by Keir Whitaker

It’s early Sunday morning and thanks to a rather annoying recent trait of waking up at 5.30am I’ve found time to pen issue four ahead of schedule. This week there’s much more of a tech feel, but I still manage to indulge my love of a classic British band and recommend a book for your holiday wish list. 

One Way Ticket
One Way Ticket is an independently produced films about “Digital Nomads”. Whilst I refer to myself as someone who works remotely I am far from a digital nomad — unless you count trips with my laptop to the local coffee shops here in Bath. However, there are literally thousands of people roaming the globe whilst working for companies based thousands of miles away — often across multiple time zones. This 10 minute preview is a great insight into what’s to come in the full version which features contributions from people including DHH, Matt Mullenweg, Tim Ferris and Jon Yongfook.
There Are No Rules by John Hegarty
The holiday period usually brings with it the welcome gift of a book or two. If you are struggling to come up with a title you might like then this hardback might be for you. I bought this on the back of a very interesting interview on Monocle 24 with the author John Hegarty. If you are interested in advice on how to improve, sustain, and nurture creativity then it’s worth the £7.95 cover price.
Suede Live - Glastonbury 2015
With the release of Little Kids“ I’ve been revisiting the Suede back catalogue this week. Ahead of their new album in January, I strongly recommend reacquainting yourself with their Glastonbury set from earlier this summer. How Brett Anderson has so much energy at 48 is beyond me — it must be all the brown rice and introspection!
Recommended Reading
Thanks to Dropbox announcing the mothballing of it’s Mailbox email client there’s been a number of “listicles” (really, is that a word?) offering up alternatives. This week I feature one almighty list and highlight two potential alternatives to your email client. Also, on a lighter note, I recommend one video and one social commentary article that might just make you chuckle.
Mailbox Replacements
Instagram Husband
London in grip of Bearded Coffee Fanatics
Atelier Ace
Marketplace by InVision
And Finally …
That’s it for this fourth edition — I hope you enjoyed it. If you are a recent subscriber don’t forget you can find a full archive of past issues on my site. If you have a link, app, site, or an interesting item you would like to share with me feel free to hit reply and get in touch. As always thanks for reading.
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