Byte Size Bites: Issue #5 - Vlogging Economics, Norther Soul, the LA River and 5 good reads

If this is your first issue of Byte Size Bites then let me say "thank you" for subscribing. Don't for
December 22 - Issue #5

Byte Size Bites

A cultural dispatch for digital workers in email form by Keir Whitaker

If this is your first issue of Byte Size Bites then let me say “thank you” for subscribing. Don’t forget you can view past issues in the BSB archive and can now subscribe to my music recommendations via Spotify. This issue features a fascinating article on the economics of internet fame, a 2-minute 42-second floor filler from The Flirtations, the LA River and five reads I have enjoyed over the last seven days. I’ll be taking a break over the holiday period so please expect issue six in your inbox on Tuesday 5th January.

Get Rich or Die Vlogging
Vlogging — another word from the Internet age. Vloggers are big news according to my eight-year-old daughter. Whilst some are rolling in greenbacks due to their Internet fame, others it appears are struggling to pay the bills. This article looks at how a number of vloggers are making ends meet and the problems they have when attempting to turn their content, followers, and influence into cash. What’s the solution? Well, I guess we could pay for content?!
Nothing but a Heartache by the Flirtations
This week’s recommendation is a Northern Soul classic from 1968 — Nothing but a Heartache by The Flirtations. Can you believe this only made #51 in the UK chart? 
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The LA River
Los Angeles is one of my favourite American cities. Maybe it’s the constant sunshine, the fact that it’s near water, the food, or maybe even the over the top fakeness of Hollywood that makes each trip memorable. However, once you scratch beneath the surface the city reveals a rich history far beyond the famed sign and film industry. The LA River is a case in point. These photos by architectural photographer Lane Barden featured on the Guardian website showcase the river and its path through the Southern California landscape. Fascinating.
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And Finally …
That’s it for 2015. I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable holiday period. I look forward to sending you issue six in 2016.
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